Fat and Cushy Uni Tires
Do you know a fat tire that's not here? Send us an e-mail and we'll add it.
Onza Bikes has a rear 20x2.5" trials tire but there are no details. £17, From England; Specs from the newsgroup: widest tyre width is 64/65mm (2.52"), radius from centre of axle to tyre extremity 262-265mm (10.35"), radius at which the fattest part occurs 225-244mm (9.25"), 387mm (15.27") Bead. Requires 19" rim
Monty Tire: 387 bead. Requires 19" rim. Trials
Echo Bikes Supa Trial tires. Rear tire 20" * 2.50" (actual may be closer to 2.3"), fit 396mm rim (19" rim). 900 grs.; Front tire 20" * 2.10", fit 442mm rim (20"rim). 620grs
Da-Bomb Trials: Not out yet but said to be a 20 x 3.0"
Maxxis Holy Roller: A nice and fat 20x2.2" and a nice, large photo. 575g, 70a durometer, $16US
Maxx Daddy 20x2.25", 606g 70a durometer $16US
Kenda Wide Track: 20x2.25", 40-65psi, 600g
Kenda Kontact: 20x2.25", 40-65psi, 725g, black, pink, orange, blue
IRC Flatlander: 20x1.95", 90psi, 600g
Snafu RimJob: 20x2.125" and 20x1.95", 130psi, nice flatlander tread, supposedly heavy
Snafu knobJob: 20x2.125" and 20x1.95", 130psi, nice flatlander tread. Rated well by Flatland riders
Primo "The Wall": 20x2.1" and 20x1.85", very well rated tire by Flatlander riders. No specs on their "coming soon" site
Haro Tires: 20x2.25" lots of nice tires here, but expensive
Vredestein S-lick Recumbent 20x1.4" $30US

Sun Rims BFR (Big Fat Rim) 20x1.18", 510gm, 406mm/20", $48US
Sun Big City 20x1.35", 600gm, 406mm/20", $55US
Sun Rhyno Lite XL 20x1.15", 415gm, 406mm/20", $52US
Avro Zum Ride - BMX 20x1.73", ??gm, $??US
* The Sun Rims site wants us to upgrade to the newest version of browser BEFORE they let us see their product. This sucks. If my browser isn't good enough for them but good enough for every other rim manufacturer's web site, then it shows they don't want me for a customer. Why have a web site if you turn away your customers? Purchase a rim from someone else.

Other Links
Profile Racing: Unicycling stuff
Ritchey: has no 24" or 20" tires
Cambria Bicycle Centre links page
Neil Dunlop's Tyre Page
Go-Ride: Nice site with lots of tire info
Michelin Bicycle Tire FAQ
Airfree Tires: Lifetime guaranteed. Made of urethane.

Useless Links
Panaracer: Does not sell 24" tires. The fattest 20" tire is 20x2.125
Tioga: There's a rumour that they will make 24x2.3 and 24x2.1, but I can't find it. The largest is a Comp III at 24" x 2.125" (550g) or 20" x 2.125" (460g)

other 24in tires from point point have a 24x2.6, Ritchie Duro Mavic Rims
Intense tubes in 24"

24"/26" DH/Knobbies
Arrow Racing Mud-X (deep 9mm knobs for the nasty muck)24x2.3/2.325-451290g67$43US
Arrow Racing LT24x2.5/2.130-40670g67$30US
Arrow Racing Heavy Duty24x2.5/2.135-45920g67 
Arrow Racing SK24x2.75/2.630-401030g67 
Arrow Racing R Medium Wall24x2.75/2.630-401080g67 
Arrow Racing Primebite24x2.75/2.635-451390g67$41US
Arrow Racing Primebite (Soft)24x2.75/2.635-451390g67 
Arrow Racing Primewide224x3.0/2.725-451420g67$43US
Arrow Racing Primewide2 (soft)24x3.0/2.725-451420g 67 
Arrow Racing Primebite26x3.0/2.825-451650g67$45US
Halo Contra24x3.0/2.5 ??g £23
Halo Ception24x2.6 ??g £20
Intense Downhill24x3.014-221450g60$45US
Intense Downhill26x2.714-221560g60/70$45US
IRC Kujo DH24x2.35/2.3545-60940g $28US
IRC Kujo DH24x3.045-601500g $38US
IRC Kujo DH26x2.6545-601330g $38US
Kenda Kollosal DH24x2.6/2.530-501140g $23US
Maxxis High Roller24x2.730-501170/1190g50/60$41US
Maxxis Mobster26x2.730-501140g50/60$41US
Michelin Wildgripper DH Comp 32 Soft26x2.8??1445g??$52US
Nokian Gazzalodi 3.0 Downhill24x3.0/2.75291450g $45US
Nokian Gazzalodi 24x3.0 Downhill24x3.0/2.75291350g $45US
Nokian Gazzalodi Jr.24x2.6/2.45361200g $45US
Nokian Gazzalodi Jr.26x2.6/2.45361250g $45US
Nokian Gazzalodi 3.0 Downhill26x3.0/2.75291550g $45US
Serfas Faultline II24x2.6, 24x3.045-85   
Specialized Roller Pro DH/DS24x2.535-80790g $55US
Specialized Evil Twin Roller S-Works 24x2.435-80950g $55US
* Size: What's printed on the side of the tire; Actual: Static width, or what you'll get when you mount it on a regular rim and pump it up. This is the no bullshit width noted by riders. Only Arrow is honest enough to tell us this width. Thanks for being honest, Arrow Racing.

Sun Doublewide24x1.8"795gm507mm/24"for tires 2.35" and higher$82US
Sun Mammoth24x1.17"625gm507mm/24" $45US
Sun Rhyno Lite XL24x1.15"512gm507mm/24" $48US
Sun BFR (Big Fat Rim)24x1.18"635gm507mm/24" $48US
Avro Zum Eliminator DH24x1.73"867.51gm24" $70US
Avro Zum Icycle (Winter Cycling rim)26x1.77"   $60US
Halo Combat rim24x1.42"   £30
Alex DX32 rim: Used by Kris. This web site doesn't work with Netscape Navigator24x1.51"/38.4mm730gm   

* The Sun Rims site wants us to upgrade to the newest version of browser BEFORE they let us see their product. This sucks. If my browser isn't good enough for them but good enough for every other rim manufacturer's web site, then it shows they don't want me for a customer. Why have a web site if you turn away most of your customers? Purchase a rim from someone else.

24" Slicks
IRC Roadlite EX slick for recumbents20x1.37100190g66 tpi?
Dyno Kruisers Fireball slick; no longer in production24x3.0/2.75 ??? $55US
IRC Metro Slick. hard to find24x2.045-85645g  
IRC Triathlon slick24x1125220g127 tpi?
Nokian Untra Tour Lux combo tire with a slick centre24x1.75/2.050-72?22 tpi, 60 duro?
Panaracer Technova II semislick24x1"/25mm94-123200g??
Terry Fat Girl slick: Copy of the Specialized Fat Boy by Vee Rubber24x1.25100403-414g?$24US

26" Slicks
Avocet FasGrip 20 City (also available in kevlar)26x1.25/1.5/1.9"95/45-80/40-80375/475/635g66 tpi?
Continental Avenue SemiSlick but it's a slick26x1.3/1.75"?620/ 650g??
Continental Goliath SemiSlick26x1.6"35-65620g?$26CAD
Continental Town and Country SemiSlick (tubeless available)26x1.9/2.125"35800/820g?$26CAD
Continental Grand Prix MTB slick (available in kevlar)26x1.0"?250g??
Dyno Kruisers Fireball (out of production)26x2.25"????
IRC Metro (available in kevlar)26x1.25/1.5/2.0"95/ 60-100/ 45-85365/ 540/ 710g66 tpi?
Kenda Kwest26x1.5"40-65620g60 tpi?
Michelin Transworld City slick26x1.75/1.95?700g33 tpi?
Michelin Wildgripper City slick26x1.25/1.5"?560/ 640g33 tpi?
Nokian City Runner slick26x1.5/1.9"58-72?22 tpi, 60 duro?
Panaracer Hi-Road (kevlar version available)26x1.5/1.75"95410/ 460g??
Ritchey Tom Slick Review26x1.450-85405g?$20.50CAD
Ritchey Moby Bite26x1.0"?690g??
Schwalbe Blizzard Slick26x1.0100230g??$40US
Specialized Fat Boy26x1.25"100325g66 tpi$20US
Tioga City Slicker slick (web site sucks) 26x1.25/1.5/1.95"85410/ 490/ 690g?$17.50CAD
WTB Slickasaurus26x1.5"?490g??

Arrow Racing 24 Primewide 2 Arrow Racing 24x2.5 IRC Kujo 24 Nokian Gazzalodi 24x3.0
Specialized Big Hit pro 24x2.5 Onza 20x2.5 Serfas DH Dyno Kruisers Fireball 4x6 Tire Primo The Wall Flatlander Tire

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