2001 National Unicycle Convention - Frequently Asked Questions
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Why does the registration fee increase on March 1st?
We need to encourage people to register early so everyone doesn't leave it to the last minute. We have to make large payments for the facilities by April 1st ($7000 to hold the dorms, plus smaller payments for the gyms, track and off-road sites), and it takes a couple of weeks to clear the cheques. These facilities are in constant demand, and if we don't make the payments, we risk losing them to larger organizations that can pay up-front. In addition, we need to determine fairly soon how many people are going to participate, to order medals, trophies and t-shirts, and arrange for meals. So please make your reservation soon to save yourself money and to allow us to organize the best NUC yet.

Can people share the dormitories at Humber College?
No. There are no double dorms at Humber. Both buildings have been built in the last few years and students prefer their own room, so they were built as all single rooms. The rooms are 11.5 feet by 8.5 feet, and contain a bed, small fridge, a desk and space to hang clothes. There is a picture of the room on their web site but even that makes it look bigger than it really is. Fire regulations require that only one person sleep in each room, and Humber College told us we should only allow one person per room. As of February 19th, there are still dorms available at Humber College.

What accommodations are available for families?
For more than 2 people, it is as cheap, and probably a lot more comfortable, to stay at the nearby Travelodge (ask for the "NUC" rate - it’s about $50 US for 1 or 2 people, about $56 US for 3 or 4 people sharing a room). It’s only a mile from Humber College and there are still plenty of rooms available (on February 19th). (link to web site)

There are many other hotels in the vicinity. Camping is available only 2 miles away.

Why is there a non-competitor registration fee?
There has traditionally been a non-competitor registration fee in the past, but we’ve been asked what a non-competitor gets for $35. The only thing non-competitors don’t get is to enter the races, artistic events, trials and MUni. The $35 includes a seat at the public show, entrance as a spectator to all the events, workshops, social events, and a package of local information and discounts. Also, only registered participants are covered by the convention insurance. The other aspect of it is that non-competitors become part of the convention rather than just spectators.

How will we get the lunches we paid for, when we’re not at Humber College?
We’ve decided to remove lunches as a meal option. The lunches are at Humber College, but on Wednesday we’ll all be downtown where we’ll obtain our lunches individually. On Thursday and Friday we’ll be at the Track and Field Centre where there is a snack bar and on Saturday we’ll be at Kelso Conservation Area. The only days we’ll be at Humber College are Monday and Tuesday, and there’s a variety of fast food and deli options available at the College, which will likely be cheaper than the dining room lunch. Anyone who has already paid for lunch will be reimbursed when they arrive at the convention.

Will there be workshops?
Yes, but we’re still looking for people to lead workshops. We are hoping to be able to offer a wide and varied selection. Any offers will be greatly appreciated - just let us know what you are willing to do, what you need from us (e.g. space, equipment) and what day and time you’d be prepared to do it.

Will there be vendors?
We are hoping to have vendors at the convention. We are currently discussing the arrangements (where and when vendors can operate; if there will be any fee, etc) and hope to have details soon.

Will there be a raffle?
Yes. Any donations to the raffle would be much appreciated.

How do we get hold of Darren Bedford?
At long last, Darren, the President of the Toronto Unicyclists, has an e-mail address:

After starting to research your city, what airport do you recoomend for arrival from the west coast?
Toronto International, also called Pearson International, is your only option. The airport sign is "YYZ"

What is Flow Riding?
The term flow riding was coined by B.C. Mountain Bike riders and refers to the activity of riding along relatively thin sections of wood, usually elevated over a distance. Check out a picture:

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