2001 National Unicycle Convention - Workshops
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Kris on a pole at UBC Workshop Title:Unicycle Trials Technique/New Unicycle Trials Rating System
Guru:Kris Holm
Who is He?:Norco Factory Trials rider, the only unicycle rider on the Norco Factory Team. Rides in the Universe video
Specialty:Trials, MUni
Description:The unicycle trials workshop will focus on beginner through advanced-level techniques- no previous trials experience necessary. We'll examine ways to increase your hopping height, techniques for precise gapping and dropping, pedal grabs, and techniques to preserve your axle when doing larger drops. The workshop will also introduce the the new "U system" for rating difficulty levels.

A helmet, shin-pads, knee pads and wristguards are mandatory for this workshop.

When:Friday July 20 8:30am-10:00am
Web Links:Personal photos, Norco Trials Factory Team
Workshop Title:Open-X: Competing and Judging
Guru:John Foss
Who is He?USA President. Multiple world champion of Freestyle and other events. Involved in rulemaking since 1981. One of the authors of the new Open-X event.
Description:Description of Extreme unicycling's Open-X class competition. What you can do, the rules to live by, and how to score big points.

Find out about the new Open-X event. This workshop is for competitors, judges, and everyone interested in the facts and potentials of Open-X. It could be interesting, as different people have some very different ideas about how this event should be judged!

Note: This workshop will take place before the day of the Open-X competition

When:Monday July 16 7:00pm-7:50am
Web Site:Personal web site, Pre-read
John Foss jumping over 3.5 kids Workshop Title:Promoting Unicycling Through Clubs
Guru:John Foss
Who is He?Joined his first unicycle club in 1980. Started clubs (but never finished them) in New York and California. President of USA, looking for an Affiliate Coordinator.
Description:The Unicycling Society of America should do more for clubs. This workshop will be a forum where interested people can talk about what the USA should do in this area. We are looking for a volunteer for the position of "Affiliate Coordinator" within the USA inc.
When:Tuesday July 17 8:00am-8:50am
Web Site:Personal web site, Pre-read
Workshop Title:Inner City Unicycling: Advice and Demos
Guru:David Stone/Joe Merrill
Who is He?David has been riding for 21 years, usually through the sidewalks and streets of New York City. Joe has began riding 20 years ago but took a 15-year hiatus until 2000. We are the co-founders of the Unatics Of New York (UNY), New York's unicycling club (which began this year).
Specialty:Staying Alive in New York
Description:The workshop is intended primarily for beginners and intermediate riders who would like to increase their unicycling street smarts, but experts are more than welcome.
  • pedestrian traffic: timing your 'moves', reading the flow of the people, signaling where you're headed
  • cars
  • safety: helmets, lighting, etc
  • snow
  • up and down curbs
  • riding between objects (eg hydrants, signs) and the curb
  • laws (no more than one minute on this boring subject)
  • unicycles and parts used - size, tire selection, crank size, suggestions and discussion
  • Getting around on a Coker
When:Wednesday July 18 8:00am-8:50am
Web Site:The New York Unicycle Club
Nathan Workshop Title:Unicycle New Technology: Show and Tell
Guru:Nathan Hoover
Who is He?Nathan is an avid mountain unicyclist from the Bay Area in California. He's been riding for almost 4 years, since being inspired by George Peck's "Rough Terrain Unicycling" video.
Description:Do you have an interesting custom-built or prototype unicycle? If so, bring it to this workshop and show it off! Bring anything you think other unicyclists would like to see/photograph/attempt to ride.
When:Tuesday July 17 7:00pm-7:50pm
Web Site:Photo, Personal web site
John Foss gliding off-road Workshop Title:Skills/Freestyle BYOU (Bring Your Own Uni)
Guru:John Foss
Who is He?USA President. Multiple world champion of Freestyle and other events.
Description:Come one and all, to improve your own skill. If you're an expert, then teach. If you're looking for that new skill, then come, watch and listen to the leading experts in unicycling. You know the ones: Those that describe what they can do on the newsgroup, and your mouth drops open in disbelief. Meet, ask questions, try and improve.
When:Sunday July 15 6:00pm-7:00pm
Web Site:Personal web site
Connie Cotter Workshop Title:Artistic Judging
Guru:Connie Cotter
Who is She?From Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, Connie has experience with unicycling long distances as she participated in the Unicycle Across Minnesota in 1999. She is seasoned unicyclist with multiple national and world champion titles.
Description:If you're an Artistic judge, this is the criteria you rate the riders on.
When:Monday July 16 8:00am-8:50am
Web Site:I'd rather ride than type
Workshop Title:Juggling: Discover the Joy
Guru:Steve Rabjohn
Who is He? As an experienced juggler from Toronto, Steve has performed for numerous schools and hospitals, entertaining kids and adults alike for over 10 years. Recently Steve contributed the article "Unicycling. A great way to meet your neighbours" for the local newsletter of the Toronto Jugglers Club. His most difficult assignment to date: teaching his three year old to juggle. Astounding.
Specialty:Keeping them all going round in circles
Description: "You can juggle! Hey, neat!" In just a few minutes, this workshop will give you the basics of juggling three balls. With a bit of practice, anyone can make the balls dance. Whether you want to add to your routine, or learn a new skill, come out and give it a try. You will start with the three-ball cascade, adding a few tricks to make it solid and get you on your way. If you have props, bring them along and join the fun.
When:Tuesday July 17 7:00pm - 7:50pm
Web Site:I'd rather ride than type